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What the locals are saying
SHE Did It Videography!
SHE offering her videography services using her cameras and tripod in the forest by a tan building in Medina OH

"I can't say enough about the amazing videos that you have been doing for us at Leadership."

-Carrie Park

  Director Junior Leadership Medina County

"I love how you make everyone you meet feel special!"

-Robin Serwatka


Ways to Work With SHE Did It Videography!

As a professional event videographer, video editor and content creator,

SHE specializes in bringing video dreams to life for small businesses and non-profit organizations in Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth and all of northeast Ohio.

It's Easy To Work With SHE!


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Discovery Call

We’ll connect over 15min Discovery call to see if we’re a good fit


Sit back and relax

Let SHE bring your video dreams to life through her creative expertise

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"Be sure to plan ahead! Don’t wait till 2 weeks before your event to reach out.

Contact SHE when you are talking about what napkins to order for your event!"

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The Gold Winner of The Telly Awards given to SHE Did It Videography
Best Business of 2024 Award Three Best Rated for Excellence given to SHE Did It Videography
Alliance for Community Media Award given to SHE Did It Videography
Hometown Media Awards 2020 winner given to SHE Did It Videography of Wadsworth OH
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  • Are you a wedding videographer?
    SHE does not do weddings. She is a small business videographer that only provides services for small business owners and non-profit organizations.
  • How far in advance should you book a videographer?
    Planning ahead is the key to scheduling with the videographer of your choice. Don't assume a videographer’s schedule is wide open. Please let SHE know the moment you know the date of your event (even if your event is an annual one). There is never a "too soon" for SHE. In fact, please contact SHE Did It Videography the same day you order your linens and napkins. SHE is no longer available for last minute video projects or editing drop-ins.
  • Are you a photographer?
    No, I am not a photographer. A photographer is a pro at capturing still moments (in the form of photos). As a videographer, I am a pro at capturing the moving moments. We are often confused for one another, but it is truly a different world for the right side of our brains. If you are looking for a photographer, I would be happy to refer you to some local photographers I know who would be happy to serve you!
  • How do I overcome camera anxiety?
    This is actually another job for SHE. I have the honor of hearing your story, for the first time, from you! In that moment, no one has more interest in your journey than SHE. This is just a conversation and my goal is to make you forget the camera is in the room with us.
  • What should I wear for the video shoot?
    Avoid stripes and patterns, if you can. A business shirt works best, but I also just want you to feel good in your skin. So wear what make you feel comfortable and just be YOU!
  • How do I prepare for a video interview?
    It is important to know why you are using this video and who your audience is. If you come into the video project looking for SHE to give you all the answers, then maybe this is not time for video. Understanding the purpose of your video is your first step. It is also important to have an idea of the message or direction you want for your video. She is always happy to pass along little pointers to help maximize the use of the video, especially for those who know what they want and are ready to film!
  • Should I take notes or memorize a script for the video interview?
    No! Please do not try to memorize your answers. You will sound like a robot and be stripped of all authenticity. You know your story better than anyone. There is zero need to memorize an authentic experience.
  • Do you come up with the questions or should we?
    Most of the time the questions are provided to me and I ask them on behalf of the client. I like having one staff person on hand to make sure all information provided is correct. Nerves can make someone say weird things, so we want to make sure we have a fact checker on hand.
  • How do I find a suitable space for the video recording?
    If you are challenged by what is available to you, a clean office space, usually a desk, is suitable. If you want something more creative, we can make arrangements and find something local to fit the need.
  • Who edits the video?
    "SHE" (Jenny) does all the video editing. When we find a day that works for you to film, SHE will follow up with editing dates. In most cases you will be given editing dates that follow the filming. And some cases, due to other editing projects, you might see a small window between the filming and the start of your project. This is always discussed up front, should there be an issue. If your video is time sensitive, SHE will make notes to ensure your video is delivered on time.
  • What do I need to know for the editing portion of the project?
    Please provide any branding; logo, CTA, fonts used, hex colors, etc. that SHE will need to follow branding guidelines. If you do not have branding guidelines, I am happy to introduce you to someone who can help you with that. All small businesses should know their branding and have access to a good logo!
  • Will I have access to the video footage after the recording?
    As long as we maintain a working relationship, SHE holds onto your project, the footage, etc. Should you want to make changes after a few months or the following year, we can talk about that as a project and schedule a time to revise the video. SHE will contact the business owner/organization after a year and confirm the status of the video before removing footage and files.
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