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Do you need
a Personal Assistant?

Small Business, heck yes you do!!!

Sometimes small businesses and entrepreneurs need an extra hand.

If your small business isn't looking to hire, but could use another set of local feet on ground, Jessica (also known as SHE's Community/Project Coordinator) is here to help you accomplish those tasks, order a thing or show up as an extra human for the day, week, or any customizable way you see fit. 

  • Event Planning

  • Content Creation; social media post, flyers, thank you cards, etc.

  • Social Media Engagement 

  • Copywriting 

  • Canva Graphics

  • Vacation Research 

  • Estate Management

  • Office Organization 

  • Maintain MS Office; Excel, PowerPoint, Word

  • Personal Shopping 

  • Calendar Support

  • Onsite/Virtual Event Support

  • Email Marketing; MailChimp

  • Invoicing 
    Click here to email Jessica to schedule a NEOPA discovery call


Jess/Jessie/Jessica Holbrook (life of a Jessica)

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