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Cartoon of SHE a professional videographer in an alley in Wadsworth OH

Local, Regional & National Award-Winning

Professional Event Videographer
Serving Small Businesses & Non-Profits 
in Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth & All Northeast Ohio

SHE Did It Videography

Videography Services

Looking to capture and preserve the essence of your upcoming event or program? As a professional videographer, I'll expertly document every highlight, from the thrilling opening moments to the heartfelt interactions. Then I use that content to create an inspiring video that will showcase your story and the impact of your event. Whether you are looking to attract new clients, inspire supporters, or cherish memories, your professionally crafted video will help you to forge lasting connections with your audience.

Video Editing Service

Perhaps you have some video clips and/or photos that you would like made into a video. That's my specialty! I'll use my skills as a content creator and video editor, taking your video clips and photos and turning them into a beautiful video that captures your unique story and makes it shine.

Do you want a video promoting your business or services? Or perhaps you simply want to share a story. Whatever your desire, I’m here to help you bring your video dreams to life!

Video Consulting

Do you want to create a  engaging video, but have no idea where to start? I’ve got your back! Let’s meet together one-on-one to talk about your project and brainstorm ideas that are catered to your unique business or non-profit. I’ll pull from my years of experience in videography and video production to help you come up with personalized insights and strategies for your video. Whether you want help with high-level ideas, technical aspects or anything else, I’m at your service!

I guarantee that you’ll walk away from our meeting with tons of great ideas for your next project!

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SHE's Mission

To make videos attainable for my small business family and nonprofit world, encouraging you to think outside of the box and give your video projects that Hollywood feel. SHE will always serve small first and always be creative, in every project, regardless of how many times we work together.

SHE's Videos

Crystal Ball Prom - Wadsworth Soprema Senior Center
The Giving Doll Make Hugs
You're Kidding Right - Van's Tires with Nick Chubb
2022 CKW Honoree for NEOPAT - Danny Scherry
Free Clinic Medina County
Hot Air Ohio in Medina, OH
Hillside Hideout
Tightrope - ClearityHR


Cartoon of SHE smiling because she's offering videography services to non-profits in Brunswick

Hey, I'm Jenny - the SHE behind the camera!


Let me tell you a little about SHE (me)! I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, but currently live in my husband’s hometown of Wadsworth. Since moving here my dreams have come true. I’ve won countless awards (including a Telly), been accepted as a leader in the community, an advocate of kindness, recognized as a Wadsworth Entrepreneur of the Year and received an ATHENA Young Professional award! My husband, son Jett, and I live in a century old house perfectly situated in the heart of downtown. The people of Wadsworth, and Medina County in general, have captured my creative heart and been supportive of me from the very start.

Jenny of SHE Did It Videography wearing a hat giving peace sign in front of old building in Brunswick
A Little More About Me

In truth, I toyed around with video cameras and camcorders ever since I was a kid. It took a bit of time, and some life experiences, but my love for playing with the camera, telling stories and being creative came back to me in the long haul. I started my freshman year at The University of Akron, in 2003, where I eventually graduated with a degree in mass media communication, a minor in creative writing, and spent some time creating commercials for Night Rock on WZIP, 88.1FM, in exchange for college credits. (Woo!!)

In 2009, post graduation, I landed a job in marketing that focused on branding and introduced me to social media management—this was lightyears ahead of where we are currently and at a much slower than today. In 2010, an ad on Facebook called for a “videographer” position. So, on a whim, I decided to apply for the job. I assumed that a mix of media, art, radio and courses in cinema would help me get me the job. I was right. I got the job. From that moment on, I spent the better part of 8 years traveling around Northeast Ohio filming small businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs, brick and mortar shops, non-profits - YOU NAME IT! I was filming up to 4-5 videos a week, editing late nights and even on the weekend—this was a one-woman show (as I am today)! I traveled to film videos in Akron, Avon, Brunswick, Beachwood, Chagrin Valley, Cleveland, Copley/Fairlawn, Dublin, Hudson, Medina, Millersburg, North Royalton, Parma, Strongsville, Wadsworth, West Lake and even into Pennsylvania.

The time spent on the road and in my office, editing late into the night, is where I began to remember my passion for being a creative and reminded me of the times growing up when I would play with the camera, include my friends, or convinced teachers that I could make videos instead of writing reports (I can be pretty persuasive)!. This job as a videographer was a launching pad and gave me everything I needed to break out on my own and start my own videography business.



In 2018, life happened and (with a four year old in my lap and a puppy on my floor) it was time to start my own business! 


In starting this business I knew a for things for sure:

1) I wanted my business involved in the community.

2) I wanted small business and non-profits to think of me as their local, go-to, community videographer.

3) I wanted to be a person the community could lean on for video questions (even social media) to strengthen the conversation and knowledge around video production.

4) From my first post-college job, I knew about branding. So, in creating a business name I know that if someone was to ask, “Oh, who did that video?” One might be inclined to say, “SHE did!"

Cartoon man with green shirt and blue pants in Medina County
Cartoon of SHE an event videographer for small businesses and non-profits in Ohio

And behold, SHE Did It Videography was born!

My passion in starting my own business has always been to make videos accessible for my small business family as well as non-profits. I love fostering collaborations with other creators and entrepreneurs and seek to always be a resource that is obtainable to any and all small businesses, brick and mortars, local event planners, entrepreneurs, etc. SHE will always serve small first, displaying creativity, in every project, regardless of how many times we work together.


I am a huge advocate for getting involved, supporting local, and giving back to the community! So videography isn’t just a livelihood for my family, it is a way of giving back. I work just as hard creating/producing/editing video as I do in finding new ways to give back to individuals, my town, county, community and nonprofits who often carry essential humanitarianism. I sit on numerous boards, offer my hand in several committees, volunteer when I can and am delighted to donate videos as I see fit—I don’t say this to boast, I believe we should all lend a hand in the way of kindness. If you are a small business or non-profit in Northeastern Ohio that has a vision for a video that you want to see brought to life, let’s connect! Who knows the places we’ll go together!


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For more SHE videos, visit:

Medina County, Ohio


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