You may have clicked on this tab because you are curious about some bit of SHE-news, but that information can be found by searching through any of SHE's social media accounts. The truth is that I created this space for my son and all the ways he is inspired by you and I, the owners and operators who run the small businesses of the world.


Jett sees entrepreneurs at work daily. He watches as we collaborate. He is growing to learn and understand what it means to support creatives, small businesses, non-profits and local businesses in our community and in all the places we travel and visit.


So, why are you here? Well, Jett was inspired by a local artist, Chubby Worm Art, who recently designed a downloadable coloring page for kids. I printed off her design and gave it to Jett who quickly decided that he wanted to create his own coloring page, and ran off to do so. His inspiration can be downloaded (below) for you or your kiddos to enjoy.

Feel free to tag SHE in your finished color creation.


Jett will be tickled when I tell him that anyone in the world can download and color his art.

Thank you,


My husband, Jeremy, and Jett recording voiceovers for a client